Locks with Love: new mobile wig shop for hair loss sufferers in Wales

Not everyone lives in a city or large town with access to a wide range of  wig shops and outlets, and access to specialist services such as wigs and head coverings are often even more limited. For people experiencing hair loss due to cancer and other illnesses, the struggle to remain optimistic about their condition becomes very real.

Mobile wig shop

That’s why friends Rachael Cameron and Laura Rehman decided to join forces and create a mobile wig shop that would take wigs and head coverings, as well as a range of other products, into the homes of their customers for a highly personalised and more intimate service.

Hair loss stress

Hair loss is perhaps the most immediate trigger for stress and anxiety – particularly for women – in people going through cancer treatments or experiencing alopecia.

Our hair is a powerful marker for our sense of identity. As humans, we use it as a means of forming aesthetic opinions – about others, and about ourselves. So when we lose it, our identity undergoes a change. In order to reduce risk for anxiety and depression among hair loss sufferers, providing a really good wig service can be a really important part of the healthcare process.

Rachael lost all her hair in her early thirties after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She has also had a hysterectomy and double mastectomy so she knows what her customers are experiencing.

Laura’s mother lost all her hair through illness, and while at first she thought it wouldn’t be a problem, she soon realised how devastating the change was for her. Laura hopes to support other women through the business, to avoid the stress.

Locks with Love

The business takes a range of wigs and head coverings, as well as scarves, headbands, brooches and eyebrow makeup into peoples’ homes where customers can try them out, enjoy a one-to-one consultation with Laura or Rachael, and make a purchase without the added stress of feeling self-conscious in a busy shopping centre.

Locks with Love source their products from NHS-approved suppliers and many are made specifically for people who are undergoing chemotherapy. Fabrics and materials used are chosen because of their quality and softness, and they provide the warmth that is often needed in a Northern hemisphere climate.

The whole process is designed by women who understand exactly the emotional challenges of hair loss – because they have experienced it themselves – so customer confidence is a priority.

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