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The Lebanese hair stylist who can hide your bald spot

bald spotA Lebanese hair stylist has recently hit the headlines after managing to miraculously cover up a woman’s bald spot.

Female hair loss is becoming increasingly common and unsurprisingly, it causes a high level of distress and embarrassment. There’s a lot of hair loss products out there, but most are ineffective and require a lot of effort to maintain. So, could a simple hairstyle be the answer to obvious balding spots?

The miraculous transformation

Ghazi, a top Lebanese hair stylist posted the hair transformation with a caption “No matter what your hair problem, we can fix it”. After watching the video, it’s certainly excellent advertising with pretty jaw-dropping results.

Once finished, there isn’t a bald spot in sight. In fact, the hair looks big, bouncy and healthy. This proves the way you style your hair could make a dramatic difference when it comes to covering up balding areas. However, it’s also only a temporary solution. The cost of maintaining the impressive cover up, is far more than most women can afford.

So, if you have a distressing bald spot, it could be worth seeking out longer-lasting treatment options.

What treatments are available for a bald spot?

There’s a surprising amount of different treatments on the market for women suffering from hair loss.

Firstly, you have Minoxidil. This is a topical treatment, available in two different strengths. Applied to the scalp, it helps to slow down hair loss and promote regrowth. This type of treatment is best suited to those suffering with temporary hair loss as once you stop using it, the hair loss will continue.

More permanent solutions are available in the form of SMP and hair transplants. However, while hair transplants are really effective for men, women’s hair typically thins all over, making it much more difficult to treat with a hair transplant. So, instead you may be better off with SMP, or Scalp MicroPigmentation. This basically tattoos pigments into the scalp to make them appear like hair follicles. It’s a great cover-up treatment.

Overall, styling cover-ups can be a great temporary solution, but if you’re looking for a longer lasting treatment, the options listed above should definitely be considered so why not give us a call to arrange a free consultation on 0845 359 2915.

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