Could lack of sleep be causing your hair loss?

Could lack of sleep be causing your hair loss?

Could lack of sleep be causing your hair loss?A healthy sleeping pattern is one of the critical requirements for general well-being. We all know what it feels like after a fitful night’s sleep and whilst the grogginess will hopefully only be temporary the longer term effects of sleep deprivation can be significant, particularly on your appearance. Some sources even claim it could lead to hair loss.

Poor sleepers age quicker

Generally poor sleepers will age quicker because of the lack of collagen being produced which keeps the skin elastic. Also, poor sleep prevents a much needed boost to the flow of blood to the skin which can result in a general dullness as a well as hair loss.

In truth, lack of sleep alone (unless it’s at serious levels) is unlikely to cause hair loss although it could exacerbate an existing condition. What’s much more likely is that lack of sleep will start to create a vicious circle of stress. We all know that sickening feeling of needing to get to sleep for an important appointment in the morning and the more you try the more stressed you get and the less you sleep. If that becomes an ongoing situation then the effects on general health can become quite severe.

Compulsive stress disorders can result in hair loss

Stress has been demonstrated to be a cause of hair loss in a number of ways. Alopecia areata attacks men and women and is an autoimmune disorder which is thought to be triggered by stress, amongst other things. Trichotillomania is a compulsive disorder which involves individuals pulling out their own hair to deal with stress and depression.

If you’re shedding hair and you think it may be stress related then you might need to consider a lifestyle change that allows you to sleep easier and give your hair a break.

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