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Khloe Kardashian talks hair loss

Hair extensionThe Kardashians are always happy to share their beauty tips and treatments with the world and Khloe Kardashian is another member of the clan to come clean, in this case about hair extensions.  According to her blog Khloé with a K she’s been wearing a weave since being a teenager.

A way of dealing with stress related hair loss

Khloe explains that it’s not just a vanity thing though.  When she lost her father one of the results was significant hair loss and the weave was just a way to disguise what was clearly a distressing condition whilst she was dealing with the grief for her Dad.

Hair loss as a result of a deep anxiety or stress is not abnormal.  Telogen effluvium, as it’s known can strike some time after the traumatic event and is the result of the body sending nutrients to more vital parts of the body, allowing the hair follicles to die.  Effectively the body is in survival mode.

The condition is normally temporary and the lost hair grows back within a few months.  It’s not clear in Khloe’s case whether that’s still the case and she still needs the weave.  She certainly claims in the blog that her “natural long hair is protected underneath it all”.

A word of warning about hair extensions

A word of warning to her though.  Hair extensions and weaves can ultimately do more damage than good.  You are, after all attaching more weight to the existing follicles which place them under stress and can ultimately cause more hair loss through a condition known as traction alopecia.  It’s normally a problem where a weave or extensions haven’t been professionally sourced or fitted which definitely doesn’t apply in Khloe’s case but nonetheless the advice from most hair professionals is avoid them where possible and where not make sure that they’re only in for a limited time.

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