maintaining locs

How to avoid losing your locs

maintaining locsLocs or dreadocks are created when people with naturally afro-textured hair choose not to comb it, causing strands to coil around themselves into fused units.

Some people choose to stop combing their hair so that ‘freeform’ dreadlocks appear, whereas others choose to cultivate their look with neat and even partings between each of the locs. These cultivated locs have a uniform size whereas freeform can be a variety of sizes and thickness.

Locs can be styled in multiple ways, such as in braids, twists, curls, up-do’s or simply cutting their hair into shorter lengths. Some loc wearers choose to exhibit their creativity in their hairstyles by incorporating hair jewellery and even shells into their usual style.

How To Take Care Of Your Locs

Tashele McLean, a fourth year medical student, vlogs her experiences with locs on YouTube and said that locs can be as fun and as versatile as you want them to be. However when it comes to caring for them, she says that essential oils are crucial for healthy hair growth. McLean usually recommends applying castor oil, often mixed with other oils such as coconut, olive or lavender oil, three times weekly. By keeping your locs and scalp moisturised, you can ensure a healthy scalp and shiny beautiful hair.

McLean also talked about the importance of not going overboard with hair products, as this can cause unnecessary build-up. by washing your hair regularly, you will be keeping your locs healthy and clean. This advice doesn’t just apply to locs, of course.

Don’t over-maintain your hair

Also make sure that you don’t attempt to over-maintain your hair. You can allow your hair to loc naturally, however if you interlock or re-twist yourself ensure that you don’t over-do it or loc your hair too tightly. By adding unnecessary extra pressure and tension to your hair, it can lead to unwanted hair thinning and even hair loss.

If you have bleached your locs, then like with any other hair texture you need to be conditioning your hair regularly. Bleaching and dying the hair can dry out the texture of the hair, therefore oiling is again recommended for healthier, shinier hair.