Katie Price's hair loss: the model strikes back

Katie Price’s hair loss: the model strikes back

Katie Price's hair loss: the model strikes backIf ever there was any doubt about the way society regards long hair as a defining aspect of female beauty you need look no further than the trolling Katie Price’s hair loss received after a recent post on Instagram.

Known for her normally long blonde voluminous look Katie posted a video without a wig or hair extensions. Her naturally brown hair is tied up on top of her head and there appears to be some slight bald patches which provoked a number of very direct, frankly rude comments including “your side of your head is bald” and a less than supportive “Look at what them extentions have dun to the side of your head! Try to stay natural you look so much better with natural hair and it definitely won’t get better it will get a lot worse an ur have patches all over your head!”.

Katie Price’s hair loss: her tough reply

Katie didn’t take the comments lying down and hit back with, “I’ve had 5 kids stress last year and hair loss due to it so not extensions so thanks for the put down ! Your bags need doing under your eyes”.

The fact is that pointing out to someone that they may have bald patches (male of female) is probably not very helpful. For a less confident person than Katie Price the results could be a devastating effect on self-confidence. Katie’s response actually points out two of the main reasons women lose hair.

Normally post partum hair loss is temporary

Post partum hair loss is quite common and normally affects women a couple of months after giving birth. It’s a natural reaction to the body’s hormones sorting themselves out after the massive changes during pregnancy. Fortunately, the condition normally disappears within a couple of months.

Alopecia areata can be triggered by stress and often results in patch hair loss although it can sometime end up with complete baldness.

Whatever the cause for Katie Price’s hair loss, good for her for not hiding it and standing up for herself. Her robust response might give other women with similar conditions confidence that they’re not alone and they can sock it back to anyone mocking them.

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