braids hair loss

Kate Moss and the issue with her braid secret

braids hair lossKate Moss has recently come in for criticism for wearing and promoting a hairstyle that has the potential to cause serious hair loss in the medium to long term.  She’d already been taken to task for sporting the Croydon face lift, named after her home town, where the hair is scraped back and tied into a bun to act as a kind of mini facelift.

Tight braids to iron out the wrinkles

The new style is similar but involves tying braids which are so tight they stretch the skin of the face.  She disclosed the technique in a recent interview in Vogue magazine where the 43 year old supermodel said “a great trick they do on photoshoots is doing these little braids underneath your hair to pull your skin up, like a little face lift.”

Traction alopecia is quite common

The problem is that, whilst there may be a temporary anti-ageing effect for a photoshoot the long term result could be potentially quite damaging for Kate Moss.  Traction alopecia is surprisingly common and is on the increase. Often it affects women who frequently wear heavy hair extensions, particularly if they haven’t been fitted by professionals.  The same is true of brushing or even towel drying too vigorously on a regular basis.  Anything that pulls the hair taut runs the risk of damaging the follicle and leaving bald spots. Only a few months ago Katie Price went public about the damage traction alopecia had done to her hair.

As women get older the hair becomes naturally thinner and more brittle so it pays to take good care of it.  There’s no point inviting hair loss through traction alopecia.  Try to be gentle and avoid pulling, over heating and unnecessary chemicals and dyes.  If you must wear extensions then try to limit their use and find a different way to hide the wrinkles than using your hair as a means of giving yourself a face lift.