Is Dry Shampoo Causing Your Hair Loss?

Dry shampoo has been a godsend for bad hair days. However, did you know that it could be contributing towards your hair loss? Sales of dry shampoo are at an all-time high, with British women being the biggest consumers of the product in the world.

While using it every now and again isn’t a problem, if overused dry shampoo can lead to numerous hair problems including an itchy scalp, sores, pimples and bald patches.

Why overusing dry shampoo causes adverse reactions

Dry shampoo has not been designed to be used on a regular basis. It’s there for those odd days where you either don’t have time to shower or your hair simply needs a little boost. It’s packed with an oil-absorbing substance which is why after using it, your hair appears less greasy.

The trouble is, if used too often, this substance will dry out the hair, causing it to become brittle and damage prone. If the dry shampoo is left on the hair for a long time, it can also clog up the pores, in turn causing pimples as well as sore spots.

It’s also more likely to affect those who are prone to dermatitis and dandruff. If you’re using it every day, it’s also likely to lead to bald patches. First the hairline may start showing a red, scaly looking rash. It will also feel dry and brittle before you notice bald patches appearing.

Dermatologist contradicts hair loss claims

Before you start panicking however, a New York City dermatologist and scalp expert, Francesca Fusco, claims it makes no sense that dry shampoo could cause hair loss. She claims there aren’t any clinical studies that can back this up and the logic behind it doesn’t make sense. Hair loss isn’t caused by blocked follicles so those who have experienced bald patches may have other underlying issues.

However, she does admit that dry shampoo isn’t healthy for the hair. It’s not designed to condition or actually clean the hair. Some experts have even compared it to the human equivalent of a dust bath that animals have.

Dry shampoo can be a miracle solution on those rare days where your hair just won’t behave as it should. However, it’s best to avoid overusing it as while it may not necessarily cause baldness, it will cause other issues such as dry, brittle hair.

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