bee pollen for natural hair loss treatment

Is bee pollen the latest buzzword in hair loss treatment?

It seems like every week a new ‘all natural’ remedy for hair loss is being announced, with Facebook ads insisting that this or that essential oil is the real deal when it comes to preventing hair loss and stimulating new growth.

But the latest big thing in the world of natural hair loss treatment comes from an unlikely source: bee pollen.

Pollen? Isn’t it honey that’s supposed to be the wonder product?

It’s true that honey has always taken centre stage when it comes to bee-related produce (with beeswax coming in a close second, of course), but while honey can work wonders for a sore throat or a patch of inflamed skin, most of us would shy away from using it topically on our hair for obvious (sticky!) reasons.

Bee pollen, however, has been touted as a miracle product. It’s rich in amino acids and can help with immunity, digestion and energy levels, as well as boosting hair and nail growth.

How do I use bee pollen for hair loss?

The most common way to use bee pollen for hair growth is to take it orally, either in capsules or in its natural, powdery state, which can be mixed into smoothies or just taken on its own if you prefer.

You can also apply the pollen topically. Mix it with hot water to make a hair growth mask, or add it to your normal shampoo to give hair a boost with every wash.

Will it actually work to prevent hair loss?

The jury’s out on that one. As with so many of these things, there is doubtless some truth in it. The amino acids will support healthy hair growth, so that the hair you have will be stronger, shinier and healthier looking.

Whether it will actually work to prevent further hair loss is less certain, and probably depends to a large extent on the type of hair loss you are experiencing. Hair loss conditions like alopecia areata are autoimmune diseases and so are unlikely to be affected by supplements, however effective they purport to be.

And it is very unlikely that bee pollen will work to reverse any hair loss that has already occurred. Big pharma companies the world over have been competing for years to create a drug that will restimulate dead hair follicles, so if there was a natural product that would do it, they’d probably have worked that out already.

So what can I do about my hair loss?

The good news is that although you might not be able to reverse the damage, there are treatments that will work to disguise hair loss, such as SMP or hair replacement systems, and there are also procedures you can undergo to prevent further thinning.

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