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Intralace – A New Way to Tackle Female Pattern Baldness?

hair lossWomen losing their hair could soon benefit from a new alternative hair loss treatment. Intralace is a prosthetic system which is described as being life-changing for women. Developed in America, the system is already available in selected parts of the country, and has recently found find its way into the UK.

What is it?

The Intralace system was developed in America and it was brought over by Brit, Priyanka Guha. In her early 20’s, Guha started to develop female pattern baldness. Like many women, she tried everything to try to cover up the problem including powders, extensions and tonics.

She then stumbled across the Intralace system which works by integrating strands of human hair, with the patient’s real hair. To do this is a very fine mesh is used. The strands of hair are pulled through the mesh individually, before strands of human hair are braided and glued to the real hair. The system is then secured to the head.

Once in position, the wearer can swim, shower, brush the hair and do everything they would normally do without worrying about damaging the system. It provides dramatic, however it is pretty expensive.

SMP – a better alternative?

While the Intralace system could prove beneficial for those seeking a realistic look, there are other alternative, cheaper treatments available.

SMP is especially worth looking into as unlike the intralace, it doesn’t require any maintenance. While it will not help you regain long, luscious locks, it can be extremely good at covering up bald, thinning spots. So, if you’ve still got most of your hair and it’s largely thinning, SMP can provide a cheaper, easier cover up option.

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