Indian hair care secrets

Could these Indian hair care secrets help your hair grow faster?

Indian hair care secretsHave you ever noticed the thick, long and luscious hair of women from India and wondered what their secret is? Many South Asian women swear by natural hair care instead of shop bought products which can actually be damaging and contribute to hair fall.

Indian hair care secrets

Some of these following hair care secrets could possibly help your hair to grow faster;

1. Rinsing hair with cold water only. Using cold water can open up pores and stimulate more blood flow towards your scalp, which is nourishing for hair follicles as more nutrients can reach the hair and stimulate growth. Cold water is also credited for adding a healthy shine to hair.

2. Extract Aloe Vera juice from fresh leaves onto your scalp and hair roots for moisture, to soothe an itchy scalp and to stimulate hair growth.

3. Gently massage your scalp with some warm coconut oil once a week, so that it is absorbed by your scalp and hair roots. The oil is not only nourishing, but it can break down any build-up of sebum on hair follicles.

4. Use apple cider vinegar to rinse out hair once a week, not only will your hair begin to shine with just one rinse but apple cider vinegar can untangle hair, balance out pH levels of the scalp, prevent dandruff and even treat scalp dryness.

5. Apply a protein hair mask to reduce hair loss which is related to protein deficiency. The easiest way to make a protein hair mask at home is by separating the egg whites of two eggs and whipping them into a paste, then apply this paste to your hair roots for thirty minutes before shampooing to reveal healthier, glossier looking hair.

6. Use a mixture of your favourite essential oils for an hour to break down sebum build up on pores and to repair any damaged hair follicles to pamper your hair.

7. Limit washing hair to only once or twice a week to restore the natural pH balance of the scalp and decrease your hairs exposure to constant chemical-filled soaps and shampoos.

Will these tricks help with hair loss?Although these hair care tips can keep hair looking healthy and shiny, they will not cure hair loss. If you feel your hair loss is excessive, you should speak to a doctor or hair loss expert.

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