I was so thin my hair fell out

“I was so thin my hair fell out” says Russian model

I was so thin it made my hair fall outA super thin Russian model has revealed how her weight loss became so drastic that it caused her hair fall out.

Alesya Kafelnikova, 18, took to social media to open up about the effects weight loss had on her body, but has hit back at her father who claims she has the eating disorder anorexia.

Last August, Alesya told her social media followers that her periods stopped and her hair started to thin and fall out due to her being so thin and the pressures of modelling.

The 5 foot 7 inch model who weighs only 50kg is adamant that she achieves her slim frame in a healthy way, despite her tennis star father being worried for her health.

Can you be so thin you get hair fall?

Hair loss as a result of weight loss is usually due to the condition telogen effluvium. Most of our hair is in the growth phase, with a small percentage resting. At the end of the resting phase, hair sheds.

Stress to the body, including dramatic weight loss, can cause more hair to go to the resting phase than usual, leading to hair thinning or loss.

There are ways to ensure this does not happen, including ensuring you consume enough daily calories for your height and activity levels, eat plenty of protein based foods and fruit and vegetables, take any multivitamins you might be lacking in your diet and keep a check on your weight.

How can I get thin without losing hair?

If you are choosing to lose weight, the key is to do it steadily and sensibly to avoid side effects such as hair loss.

Models see an immense amount of pressure on them to remain very thin and this can cause all sorts of health complications.

Despite modelling and beauty (including hair) going hand in hand, models like Alesya find themselves with hair fall and skin issues as a result of their low BMI or Body Mass Index and this can have a huge impact on their confidence and their careers.

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