I donated my hair for years, but never thought I'd need a wig myself

I donated my hair for years, but never thought I’d need a wig myself

I donated my hair for years, but never thought I'd need a wig myselfMany people choose to cut off their hair for donation to charity for those struggling with alopecia or going through chemotherapy treatment. The donated hair is then made into a wig that can transform someone’s life for the better by making them look and feel good.

One woman has shared her story about how, after 18 years of donating her reddish-brown locks to the Pantene Beautiful lengths program, she would become a recipient of a wig herself.

A crushing diagnosis

Roseanna Venables Johnson wrote in an open letter that a good deed came back around when she was diagnosed with atypical ovarian cancer at the age of 53. Working in healthcare, she received the news from a familiar face but it was no easier to deal. She struggled with not only the medical diagnosis but what this would mean for other parts of her appearance, including her hair.

At first the treatment meant she lost her hair in patches and later her husband shaved it all off. She used wraps and scarves to cover the hair loss but noticed how her confidence plummeted. This was before she received her wig donation from the very same place she had donated ten times before.

Cancer treatments can leave patients with aesthetic concerns as well as the obvious sickness and ordeal that the disease has on the body. The harsh chemotherapy causes hair loss and this can often be one of the hardest things for cancer patients to deal with.

The wig and other options

Losing one’s hair can seem like a loss of identity. Ways to make this easier to deal with include cosmetic procedures such as scalp micropigmentation (using tiny pigments to give the illusion of hair follicle regrowth), using head wraps or other fashionable cover ups or a good quality wig.

In Roseanna’s case, her good deed came back to help her out when she needed it most and a wig gave her back the confidence she felt she lost when she was bald.

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