Hyperthyroidism and hair loss

Hyperthyroidism and hair loss in women

Hyperthyroidism can be seriously frustrating as a condition. There are a number of possible causes and you’ll find that it can also create a number of different ailments and side effects.

When it comes to hyperthyroidism, hair loss is certainly one of the symptoms. You’ll instantly notice it as there will be a significant amount in your hairbrush at the end of the evening – more than you’ll have previously seen. However, if is also important to note, that if you’re experiencing hair loss, hyperthyroidism may be the cause – but not necessarily the only cause.

Irregular and abnormal hormones are often used as the reason for loss of scalp hair though, maybe a little surprisingly, they are actually only responsible for a minority of cases with this disturbing symptom. There are a whole host of other reasons that can contribute to hair loss and some of it is just an unfortunate part of the normal cycle of life. Genetic hair thinning, postpartum pregnancy and menopause can also play a leading role in hair loss, deeming it not just hyperthyroidism as the root cause.

However, if you are experience symptoms of hyperthyroidism including hair loss, you’ll be wanting some direction as to what you can do about it.

What to do?

Before you decide on the right treatment for your hair loss type, it’s always best to check in with a dermatologist and medical professional to eliminate any other possible cause of hair loss. You should also consider that if you’re in the middle of treatment for hyperthyroidism, that you may see a reduction or cessation of hair loss after some of the relevant treatment ends. However you’ll need to be patient, recovery can take several months.

If you are continuing to suffer from hair loss, it could be that the specific drugs or a treatment that you are taking is causing a reaction, that you are being overtreated or undertreated. If hair loss is a side affect to your particular drugs, seek medical help immediately. However, it’s important to note that, sometimes, it is quite difficult to get the exact dosage right, which can cause side effects. Simple tests will be able to establish if this is the case.

It’s always advisable to consult your medical professional concerning hyperthyroidism remedies. It’s a specific disorder that is simply treated by the use of synthetic thyroid hormone drugs and you should notice the benefits almost immediately after taking your prescribed drug in question.

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