How to nip hair loss in the bud

Balding has largely been an issue that is associated with men, but there is a growing awareness that millions of women are also experiencing hair loss. It has even been estimated that 3 million women in the UK are suffering from some form of alopecia and one in three are showing signs of thinning hair.

Thinning hair can be caused by anything from your genetics to mental and physical stress. But the good news is that for the average woman, there are some simple ways that you can help ensure your hair stays strong, healthy and full.

Read the hair loss warning signs

Often when we get early warning signs of a problem we tend to ignore them and hope they’ll disappear on their own. But when it comes to hair loss these early signs should be seen as an opportunity to act. For instance, over colouring and styling your hair will often resulting in it breaking and thinning patches, if your hair is starting to damage then give it a rest and treat it to some natural conditioners to replenish it.

Diet is key

Our diets play an integral role in our health and happiness, often brittle and limp hair is a key indicator of a diet that isn’t giving you the right nutrients and vitamins your skin and hair needs. Research shows that any food that is rich in Vitamin B has a major influence on the hair growth cycle. Iron also has a significant impact on hair growth, so make sure you’re getting your fair share of leafy and dark greens.

Get active

It might mean you have to wash your hair more regularly but by getting a sweat on you are ensuring you detox your scalp and system. Sweat is also soluble, so if you’re concerned with over-washing your hair then you can get away with occasionally washing with water instead of shampooing. Of course regular exercise is going to ensure you are not only health but also that you are getting your blood effectively pumping around your body.

Embrace your natural style

If you frequently style your hair in a way that goes against how it naturally rests then why not consider adopting a style similar to your natural one instead? If you have naturally thin hair then you’ll be more likely to suit shorter crops and styles.

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