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How to Deal with Hair Loss

hair loss womenFor many people, seeing a man with a bald or shaven head is perfectly normal, acceptable sight, however if a woman has a bald head they will often attract a lot of unwanted attention. There is still a lot of social stigma attached to hair loss in women along with the fact that the condition can cause a dramatic and devastating effect on a woman’s self-esteem, body image and self-confidence.

We often think of our hair as our crowning glory, and for women especially, hair can be associated with sexuality, age and mortality. Many women end up questioning themselves; whether they did anything wrong which caused the condition, how others will perceive them and usually whether their partners will still love them. Unfortunately, some patients end up becoming socially reclusive and giving up hobbies and activities they enjoy in fear of their hair loss condition being revealed to others.

Coping with hair loss

In the UK, approximately fifty percent of women who are aged over sixty five experience female pattern baldness, a condition which is not only the most common form of hair loss but is also thought to be inherited.

One of the most important things to address, is the psychological impact hair loss has on an individual . Regardless of whether the hair loss is temporary or permanent, once you can accept what has happened and learn to live with and make peace with your altered appearance, you will find your confidence and self-esteem increasing.

Sharing the experience can help

Talking about the condition, whether in person in a support group or online in a discussion forum can really help many patients share their concerns and worries, as well as seek advice and support for their condition. If you have trouble in accepting yourself physically, you can look in options such as wigs, hair extensions and scarves, however some people prefer not to cover up at all which is completely acceptable and works well for many.

If you have hair loss which you are finding difficult to accept or conceal, or the hair loss is a result of chemotherapy, then you are most likely eligible for a wig through the NHS. Find out more and get access to the appropriate support you require by speaking to your doctor or call our specialist Hair Loss for Women clinic on +44 (0)845 359 2915 for a free consultation.