Hollyoaks Star Discusses Hair Loss

post-partumThere’s been a lot of famous women sharing their experiences with post-partum hair loss over the past year and the latest is Hollyoaks star, Jennifer Metcalfe. In a recent interview, Metcalfe revealed how she dealt withit and the things sufferers can do to tackle the problem.

losing her hair sent her into a panic

The Hollyoaks actor revealed when she became pregnant, her friends warned her about post-partum hair loss. While the star was perfectly happy to deal with sleepless nights and potential weight gain, the thought of losing her hair sent her into a panic.

So, to combat the problem before it even began, she decided to look for a treatment. She discovered a product known as Regrowz, which she claims took effect in just a few weeks. However, could the product really work, or could there be another reason Metcalfe managed to maintain her thick luscious locks?

Understanding Post-partum hair loss

Metcalfe’s story is a little different to the one shared by many famous women. In her interview, she appears to be largely advertising the product she claims helped her retain her hair. The trouble with this is, it may not have been down to the product, but rather the star may not have suffered from the condition at all or it just cleared up on its on which is normally the case anyway.

Approximately 90% of women experience post-partum hair loss, but that means 10% don’t. The severity of the hair loss can also differ significantly between women. So, even if the product did work for Metcalfe, it may not work for everyone.

Instead, it’s better to turn to trusted, proven treatments to stop the hair loss in its tracks. There’s a lot of hair loss treatments available but Finasteride and Minoxidil tend to be two of the best. They’re specifically designed for temporary hair loss conditions and are both FDA approved.

Overall, as tempting as it might be to try out unproven, recommended hair loss products, it’s a much better idea to opt for a proven, reliable treatment. It’s also worth seeking a proper diagnosis to determine whether your hair loss is brought on by your pregnancy. There are a lot of causes of hair loss and diagnosing the problem is essential before the right treatment can be prescribed.  Bear in mind that most post-partum hair loss is only temporary anyway