heat-free hair styling tips

Heat-free hair styling tips

heat-free hair styling tipsMost of us don’t think anything of it when we’re styling. We give our hair a good blast with the dryer and/or use curling tongs and straighteners, often on a daily basis, but have you ever given a thought to the long term damage you might be doing? What if there was a way to achieve heat-free hair styling?

There is plenty of evidence that long-term use of heat can wreak havoc with your hair follicles. Whilst it will never be possible to achieve exactly the look you desire without some kind of heat tool there are various tips and techniques you can use that are far less damaging to your hair, whilst still approximating the style you want.

Keep it cool with heat-free hair styling

So how can you ditch the straighteners and still get straight hair. First off make sure you’re using the right shampoo and conditioner, i.e. one that is designed for straight hair. Then you really need to make sure you dry your hair as quickly as possible so an ultra-absorbent towel might be a good idea.

You should also keep brushing your hair whilst pulling it taut every few minutes until it is dry. You could also dry jumbo rollers, although try to find some plastic ones as Velcro or foam won’t create quite the same smooth effect.

There’s really nothing stopping you using the hair dryer too, as long as you keep it on the cool setting. In fact using this technique until the hair is nearly dry and then wrapping in around your head in sections with pins is a common technique in Argentina, called Toca and the results can be astonishing.

Plopping is popular in the States

What if you want well defined curls but still want to avoid heat damage? Well you could try plopping – the latest heat-free hair styling craze in the US. You literally plop your damp hair, with a leave on conditioner into a t shirt and use the sleeves to tie it up. Popular stateside at the moment, this technique produces frizz free curls or beach waves depending on the hair type.

So, next time you reach for the hair dryer consider the damage you might be doing and try some heat-free hair styling. It’s good for your hair and also good for the environment.

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