How your handbag can cause thinning hair

How your HANDBAG could be causing your thinning hair

How your handbag can cause thinning hairJust in case there wasn’t enough to worry about, it seems your handbag has the potential to cause thinning hair! This disturbing fact was uncovered by writer Lisa DeSantis, after she visited her hairdresser to get her hair cut.

It was discovered the hair on the side Lisa carries her shoulder bag was a lot thinner than the other side. How? Below, we’ll look at how your handbag could cause thinning hair.

How it happens

If you have quite long hair, or at least shoulder length hair, there’s a risk the strands could get caught under the strap of your bag. As you sling the bag onto your shoulder, if it catches the hair, it will put strain onto it, potentially damaging the cuticle.

Weakened and damaged cuticles then cause the hair to easily snap off. Apparently, handbags with metal chain style straps are the worse culprits for this. They make it much easier for the hair to get caught and break off.

If you wear your bag on the same side (and most of us do), over time it could start to have a significant effect on that side of the hair.

Can thinning hair be prevented?

Before you start to panic, it is possible to reduce the chances of suffering this distressing problem. Firstly, how you place the bag onto your shoulder makes a massive difference.

Remember to move any hair out of the way, then place the bag onto your shoulder slowly. Simply slowing it down and being aware of where your hair is before putting your bag strap on top of it is really all you need to do to avoid it causing issues. Of course, you can always tie your hair back too!

So whilst breakage and thinning hair could certainly occur over time because of your shoulder bag, there are ways to minimise the damage.

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