Hair loss around the globe

Hair tips from all around the globe

Hair loss around the globeHair loss is a global problem, affecting millions of people worldwide. Therefore, it’s no surprise many of us are obsessed with keeping our hair looking and feeling healthy.

If you’re looking for new, effective hair tips, here you’ll discover some of the best (and most bizarre) from across the globe.

Cactus oil – helping Jamaican women fight the heat

Unlike here in the UK, Jamaica is renowned for its extreme high temperatures. So, for Jamaican women, finding a solution to keep their hair protected against the heat has been important.

Cactus oil has been used to keep the hair looking healthy and strong for years now in Jamaica. It contains B5 vitamins and omega fatty acids, which are also known to help with hair growth.

While there’s no harm trying out this great oil, if you’re experiencing hair loss, you might be better off using Minoxidil. This effective topical treatment helps to encourage regrowth, helping women suffering from mild, temporary hair loss.

Using your fingers to style your hair

Just across the pond, French women have discovered a way to combat damage caused by heated styling tools – boycott them altogether! Instead, they use their fingers to style their hair and they let it air-dry naturally after washing. They still use styling products, but replacing heated tools for their fingers has helped to keep the hair looking naturally beautiful.

This is actually a pretty useful tip as hairdressers have seen an increase in the number of women suffering from traction alopecia. This is caused purely by the way you style your hair. If it is scraped back into tight hairstyles, the follicles can become damaged and the hair could break off. If the hair is over-styled with heated appliances, it can also start to easily break and become damaged. So, the next time you wash your hair, you might want to switch to your fingers instead of the blow-dryer.

Burn off those split ends!

In Brazil, some hair stylists have reported to extreme measures to eliminate split ends – burning them off! Supposedly, the burning technique seals in moisture, keeping the hair looking healthier for longer.

Now, obviously this isn’t something you’ll want to try yourself! Instead, split ends are best dealt with the old-fashioned way – cutting them off!

Overall, there are some great global hair tips you can incorporate into your daily routine. However, some should almost certainly be avoided. If you’re looking for help with thinning hair or hair loss, it’s a good idea to visit your doctor or a specialist hair loss clinic to get the condition diagnosed and discover which treatments would be most effective.

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