Hair replacement systems can create the appearance of a full head of hair that looks completely natural and is a fantastic way to restore self-confidence if you have recently been suffering from hair thinning or hair loss.

Female hair loss is very common, particularly as you get older. Whether it’s caused by alopecia, the menopause or progressive female pattern baldness, a hair replacement system can be ideal, either as a long-term solution or as a temporary option while you’re undergoing treatment.

Rather than a heavy wig that can be uncomfortable, look unnatural or feel insecure, our hair replacement systems are custom-made and designed to be integrated with your own hair. They won’t cause traction alopecia as they are very light, and we don’t use glue or chemicals to fix the hair system.

We only use the very finest, high-quality hair for our hair replacement systems, and they look naturally beautiful and glowing with good health, feeling silky and soft to the touch. The hair is very strong and durable so can be used for multiple reapplications over time. 


Whether your hair loss is temporary and limited to small areas on the scalp, or extensive and permanent, our hair loss systems can camouflage the concern. If the hair loss is total as a result of chemotherapy or alopecia totalis, you may require a larger system or wig that is secured to the scalp with a specially-designed tape.

To disguise smaller areas of hair loss, your existing hair will be integrated with a partial system. Extra security can be given with the use of tape or clips.

At Hair Loss for Women, we have our own stylist in-house who provides a comprehensive fitting and replacement service, as well as support and guidance through this challenging time.

We know that losing your hair can be devastating to your self-esteem and can often make you feel less like woman-like; our hair replacement systems can restore your confidence.