hair pain

Hair pain? It could be a sign you’re about to lose it

hair painFor anyone who’s never suffered from hair pain then it might sound a bit unbelievable and even verging on hypochondria. If you have experienced it though you’ll know that it is very real and is recognised by doctors and dermatologists.

Hair pain caused by inflammation

There are actually nerves in the hair follicles so perhaps it isn’t that surprising that hair can feel pain. It’s generally described as more of an ache and is caused by inflammation from blood vessels in the scalp. There are a number of quite common causes of the condition including migraines, over use of dry shampoos, chemicals and bleach or just tying the hair up too tightly.

Keep your hair loose and natural

It’s important not to ignore hair pain though, as it may also be a very real warning that you are about to lose some or all of your hair. Braids, buns, ponytails etc. could all be actually doing a great deal of permanent damage to someone with a predisposition to thinning hair, through a process called traction alopecia.

To stop hair pain and shedding its best to avoid tight or rigid styles completely but if you have to wear them then try to limit it to a couple of times per week and certainly don’t wear the style night and day.

Overdoing the dry shampoo

Also, an over-reliance on dry shampoo can also result in bald patches. Although the results can be great and almost instantaneous, the product isn’t designed to be used on a regular basis. Used too often it can dry up hair and scalp causing flakes, clogged pores and sore patches with eventual hair loss. Certainly, if you use dry shampoo and are experiencing any pain then consider limiting the frequency and amount you spray.

Without any pain hair loss can be a traumatic experience anyway so if you’re concerned make sure you speak to your GP or contact a specialist hair loss clinic to get some professional advice.

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