Could your hair loss be caused by an STD?

Could your hair loss be an underlying symptom of an STD?

Could your hair loss be caused by an STD?Out of all of the different causes of hair loss, one of the least addressed is sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). That’s likely because the majority of hair loss cases relate to genetics, aging or other medical conditions. However, as uncommon as it might be, it is still important to be aware that the cause of your hair loss could be an STD.

Which STDs cause hair loss?

The main sexually transmitted disease linked to hair loss is syphilis. Caused by treponema pallidum, hair loss tends to occur during the secondary infection stage. Before that, an ulcer will form. This isn’t painful and it tends to have quite a rubbery feel. It will also clear up by itself.

The secondary infection stage is where most problems begin. It can occur 8-weeks after the initial infection, with many patients experiencing a fever, rash on the torso, aching joints and mouth ulcers.

If it isn’t treated, hair loss will be the least of your problems. It may take a few years, but a tertiary infection can affect the heart and brain. It also increases the risk of stillbirths and miscarriages.

Getting a proper STD diagnosis

The earlier an STD gets treated, the less effect it will have on your health. If you have started to notice your hair falling out and it’s possible you may have developed a sexually transmitted disease, you should get yourself checked out as soon as possible.

It’s important to get the root of the hair loss professionally looked at regardless of whether you think you have an STD. Even if you don’t have one, there could be another medically-related cause that needs to be addressed. It’s also impossible to find the right treatment until you know exactly what you’re facing.

Sexually transmitted diseases aren’t often the cause of hair loss, but it’s still something that should be ruled out.

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