The treatment of hair loss in women

Hair Loss Treatment Shows Great Results

There is a range of efficacious remedies available through an experienced trichologist that can help a woman suffering from hair loss. We take a closer look at one treatment showing great results.

The Problem With Hair Loss

More than 50% of all women are destined to experience noticeable hair loss during their lifetime. Some forms of hair loss are temporary, “post-partum” for example, where a new mother might experience some shedding for a while as their hormones return to normal. But for the vast majority, the cause will be androgenetic alopecia. An unavoidable destiny inherited through your genes that give us all a date by when our own hair loss journey will begin.

It is now possible if caught early enough, to defer the start of that journey. Minoxidil remains the only FDA approved treatment on the market, which we know is effective for around half of people, and considered “very effective” by around 15%. But beyond minoxidil, there is a universe of respected treatments with great track records that have simply not passed through the various trial stages for FDA approval. We take a closer look at one such treatment.

Improve Growth Cycle, Body and Density

Research goes on into every aspect of hair growth, with over 200 genes associated it is proving a challenging complex story. Just the same, our understanding of the processes, along with the hormones and proteins which drive them, improves all the time.

A great example of an innovative treatment, which takes advantage of this improved understanding, comes in the form of a cream. Applied regularly it can make a substantial improvement. The science behind it is based on the revolutionary use of liposome encapsulation in specialized medical environments like cancer treatment. Here, the medicine is “wrapped” so as to be more potent when it reaches the affected area.

A similar process is used to deliver vital nutrients exactly where they are required, and the results can be startling. It works by increasing the number of scalp hairs which, at any one time, are in their growth phase (anagen). This is achieved by stimulating the stem cells to increase the rate at which cells divide, tests have shown that the improvement is not just measurable, it can almost treble that rate of division.

The difference after a few months of regular application can be profound, with over double the amount of anagen hairs present. Enough to provide a visible improvement to both density and body.

Hair Loss For Women

While this cream is never going to enter the lengthy and costly process of applying for federal approval, it is a trusted solution for trichologists and adds to their substantial arsenal in the battle against hair loss.

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