In your search for a cure for your hair loss, you’re going to come across thousands of different products all claiming to help you regain your healthy, long locks.

Compared to other hair loss procedures, these products are usually very affordable, so it’s not surprising they’re the first thing many women turn to as the first course of action. Hair loss products that are available without a prescription include hair loss shampoos, oils, ampules and topical concealers.

Hair loss shampoos

Most hair loss shampoos contain caffeine as there is some scientific evidence that caffeine can be effective in the treatment of hair loss. One piece of research that’s been published in the International Journal of Dermatology showed that after several studies, results indicated that caffeine solutions helped to stimulate new hair growth. It’s also thought that caffeine protects the hair follicles from damage caused by hormones.

So, does that mean if you drink more coffee it will slow down hair loss? Unfortunately, not! According to scientists, you’d need to drink around 60 cups of coffee each day to benefit from the hair restoration properties of caffeine. Instead, it needs to be applied directly to the scalp and left for a few minutes to ensure it properly absorbs into the skin. Caffeine-based shampoos could therefore logically work. However, it can be difficult to establish just how effective these caffeine-based hair loss products are as most don’t mention how much caffeine they contain.


Are caffeine hair loss products right for you?

Whilst some caffeine hair loss products have been proven to show good results, they aren’t going to be effective at treating moderate to severe hair loss. Some hair loss sufferers believe that they have seen hair regrowth as a result of sustained use of caffeine shampoos. It’s best that the product is massaged into the scalp and then left for a few minutes to take effect before rinsing off.

Like treatments such as Minoxidil, these types of products need to be used as early as possible in order to be effective and they are only usually suitable for women suffering from androgenetic alopecia (female pattern baldness). Our qualified trichologist can identify the underlying cause of the hair loss and how advanced the hair loss is and then can advise you whether caffeine hair loss shampoos could help.

Hair growth ampules

Our hair growth ampules contain cell-active ingredients that are all known to stimulate hair regrowth. Ingredients include polyphenol derived from larch wood that stimulates production of young stem cells. They are essential for the active growth phase of the hair growth cycle.

Plant extracts reduce the hardening of tissue on the scalp and nourish the hair follicles and a microencapsulated phyto cell extract activates the skin’s parent cells. Our ampules also contain an inhibitor of dihydrotestosterone that triggers progressive pattern hair loss, as well as vital vitamins and minerals.

Clinically-proven results indicate that hair growth is increased by 121% and hair loss decreased by more than 33% after a three-month application.

Essential oils

We often advise the use of essential oils in combination with our other hair loss treatments. We find that stimulating the scalp with essential oils can be extremely beneficial for promoting hair health.

We have the following treatment combination oils available:

Dry scalp treatment: this combines rosemary, geranium blossom, parsley seed and lavender blossom to stimulate the sebaceous glands and scalp circulation.

Tired scalp treatment: this oil combines litsea, bergamot, sandalwood and vanilla to boost blood circulation.

Burning/hot scalp treatment: to regulate sebum production and soothe an oily scalp, we advise our treatment oil combining juniper berries, sage and cypress.

Sensitive scalp treatment: bergamot, thyme, oregano and bitter orange blossom are combined to soothe irritation and alleviate tension and sensitivity-related head pain.

Our hair loss expert will advise you on which scalp treatment is most appropriate for you at your consultation.

Hair loss concealers and fibres

Concealers and fibres are used to camouflage existing hair loss and are often combined with hair loss treatments and products that are designed to promote hair regrowth. Typically, they are applied to the scalp with a shaker and the fibres bond to your natural hair to create the appearance of thicker coverage.

Fibres made from natural human hair are thought to be better than those composed of synthetic materials. Alternatively, a hair loss concealer can be in the form of a coloured foam to match the scalp to your hair colour.

If you want to discuss which product is most suitable for your type and stage of hair loss, arrange a consultation with our hair loss expert.