hair loss woman

Hair Loss isn’t just for men

hair loss womanIt’s true.  It’s not just men who face the trauma of hair loss. A large number of women experience female pattern hair loss, while children can also be affected by alopecia.

Although it is a common problem, women who do experience hair loss can understandably be devastated. While it’s somewhat accepted with men as a natural occurrence, for women and children there’s a strong social stigma involved which can make it especially difficult to deal with.

Many turn to ineffective, fake products for help

Many women end up unknowingly investing in fake, ineffective hair loss treatments to try and resolve the issue. There’s a staggering number of fad products available on the market due to the sheer amount of profit to be made. The trouble is, when you’re unfamiliar with the market, it’s easy to fall for scams and, after falling victim to these bogus hair loss products, women are left feeling frustrated and believing there are no effective treatments out there.

Effective hair loss options for women

The good news is there’s actually quite a lot of  treatments available for women and many have proven to be effective. The key is to make sure you’re seeking treatment from a reliable and respected hair clinic.

One of the most common effective, FDA approved treatments is Minoxidil, which is best suited for temporary hair loss conditions and it’s a topical treatment which needs to be applied directly onto the scalp.

Non-medication treatments include SMP, which is a specialist tattoo procedure aiming to cover up balding spots and provide an illusion of a thick head of hair.  It’s particularly helpful to women with thinning hair to give the impression of vlume.  Laser treatment could also prove effective, along with specialised hair loss products such as thickening shampoos.

Before you try out any treatment, it’s important to undergo a consultation with a hair specialist. They will be able to diagnose the cause of the hair loss and advise the best course of treatment.  Please feel free to fill in the form or give a us a call to book a confidential and free consultation on +44 (0)845 359 2915