hair loss inspired my love of hats

Hair loss inspired my love of hats

hair loss inspired my love of hatsWriting in the Detroit News, hair loss sufferer Jocelynn Brown, has revealed how losing her hair actually inspired her to create hats.

She’d initially started to hide the problem with numerous wigs, but as time went on and her hair became thinner, she began creating her own hats. Helping to not only hide the problem, but add a sense of style to her overall look, hats really helped Brown to come to terms with what so many women have to deal with these days – female pattern baldness.

Are hats really a good option for covering up hair loss?

When it comes to hair loss treatments, hats aren’t the obvious or common choice used to cover up the problem. However, they can be a fantastic temporary option.

What’s great about Brown’s use of hats, is that it really gives her confidence due to the fashion statement the hats make. She creates her own so she can choose their design to match her own sense of style.

Now, hats can be good for covering up during special occasions and the odd summer’s day, but as a year-round solution they aren’t the best option. So, what other things could you try if you’re suffering from female pattern baldness?

Other ways you can cover up your hair loss

You don’t have to hide under a hat to cover up your thinning locks. Instead, you could opt for treatments such as SMP or even topical treatments like Minoxidil.

If the hair loss has only just started, Minoxidil could prove really beneficial. It’s proven to be effective and it’s a really easy treatment to use. However, for more severe hair thinning, you could always opt for SMP, or scalp micropigmentation.

SMP involves tiny pigments being tattooed into the top layer of the scalp. These pigments mimic hair follicles and can help to cover the scalp and blend in with your natural remaining hair.

So, while it’s great Brown found inspiration from her hair loss problem, if you’re looking for a more convenient and long-lasting solution to female pattern baldness, you may want to consider the options above. You can also try out creative hairstyles which can cover the balding areas.

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