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Extension Specialist gets diploma and is praised by celebrity stylist

extension specialist traction alopeciaGabrielle Harker from Darlington has recently qualified as one of the top trained hair extensions specialist in the north-east area. She passed a diploma which allows her to use real hair so that she can provide extensions for patients who have suffered hair loss as a result of chemotherapy, alopecia or other medical conditions.

Part of her examination required the hairdresser to spend a day being supervised by a panel, which included celebrity hairstylist Andrew Barton. Barton praised and complimented Harker for her passionate involvement towards helping others. Harker feels proud of her success and how she has come so far as only a few people managed to reach the diploma stage.

The Importance Of Seeking Professional Advice For Hair Extensions

Although hair extensions can be relatively easy to clip in or attach to your hair yourself, there is always the danger that you are harming your hair follicles. Hair extensions can add extra unnecessary weight onto your hair follicles where you attach them; this can actually lead to the condition of traction alopecia.

What is traction alopecia?

Traction alopecia is caused by constant tension placed on fragile hair follicles. Hair breakage can occur, which means that hair literally breaks off or pulled out from the roots. Despite gently picking the hair extensions off, the ‘pulling’ traction is the most damaging. By detecting traction alopecia early on it is possible to repair the damage and for your hair to regrow.

If you wear extensions on a regular basis and have found that your hair is thinning out or perhaps falling out excessively, then it may be time to reconsider your extensions. Some people take longer to notice the hair loss as the hair extensions themselves do give a fuller look to your hair. Unfortunately though the longer you leave traction alopecia to develop, the lower the chance there is of your hair managing to fully recover.

It is always important to seek professional advice from a fully qualified hair stylist about hair extensions. If you think that you are suffering from traction alopecia, then speak to your doctor or a hair loss expert for more information.