Hair Loss Cure Hope

Based on stories told her by her grandmother, a young doctor from Guyana is working on developing a hair loss cure based on ancient wisdom. We take a closer look.


We report regularly on the progress of research teams from all over the world working on a deeper understanding of hair loss. From that research emerges a raft of programs all aimed at producing a product or technique aimed at improving the lot of hair loss sufferers. The sheer complexity of the challenge has become more obvious as we delve ever deeper into the workings of hair growth… we now know that there are well over 200 genes involved in the process.

Such is the emerging complexity that sometimes it feels as though we might never get there. That miracle treatment which can return, or deliver for the first time, anyone to a full head of hair.

A Herbal Approach

Growing up in the valleys of the beautiful Pakaraima mountains in Guyana, Sevanie Williams as a young girl would listen attentively to her grandmother’s stories on the benefits of local herbs and other plants. Among them a few that were used to treat their hair. So as a young girl Sevanie developed a fascination for plant-life, organisms, and chemicals… which would see her, even as a young girl, examining the entrails of slaughtered cows in her village. It would predicate a life of study as she earned a scholarship to Cuba where she would study medicine and become a doctor. But her first love was and remains research.

Herbal Cure For Hair Loss

Dr. Sevanie Williams is these days to be found working on developing some of those herbal remedies into a meaningful hair loss cure. Her initial experiments have been conducted on members of her own family, including a bald for years grandfather. Results have been encouraging, though it is not a sample size that can be used to prove any sort of efficacy. Grandfather sprouted new hairs from the barren plain that had been the top of his head. Interestingly, grey hairs have begun to show pigment at their roots.

Hair Loss For Women

Today, Dr. Wiliams is working alongside Dr. Emmanuel Cummings, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and a local lab where she is conducting tests and additional research. We will, of course, keep a close eye on her progress.

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