cancer hair loss

Hair Loss Can be the Hardest Part of Cancer Treatment

cancer hair lossLingerie Tycoon, Jacqueline Gold, has recently revealed the true devastation cancer treatment can present. After losing her hair, the Ann Summers founder was devastated and admits to crying when it started falling out in clumps.

Cancer treatment is hard enough for anyone to deal with, but hair loss has been cited as one of the hardest side effects to come to terms with. Some women have even claimed they would rather choose a lower strength chemotherapy treatment to avoid losing their hair, while a minority would bypass treatment altogether. This shows the true extent of the devastation hair loss can present to women.

A mastectomy can be easier to deal with than hair loss!

One of the most surprising revelations made by cancer patients is that they found their Mastectomy easier to deal with than their hair loss. Popular BBC presenter, Victoria Derbyshire, shares this view, admitting in an interview she found hair loss harder than losing her breast.

While some women do find losing their hair empowering, for many it can be truly devastating. However, it’s important to remember that chemo-induced hair loss is only temporary and there are ways to make dealing with the side effect easier.

How to cope with hair loss caused by chemotherapy

Unfortunately, hair loss is a very common side effect of cancer treatment and it’s not possible to prevent it. However, there are ways you can make it a little easier to deal with. Knowing what to expect can help to prepare you for the hair loss so be sure to talk to your doctor to establish how severe your hair loss is likely to be.

When the hair does start to fall out, many women also find it empowering to shave it all off rather than continue watching it falling out. You can also invest in a good quality wig to cover up the baldness if you aren’t comfortable showing it off. Headscarves can also be a stylish way to cover it up until the hair eventually grows back.

The key thing to remember is the hair will grow back once treatment has stopped. Trying to embrace the fight against cancer and using stylish cover-up options are the best ways to deal with the devastation the disease can cause.