hair extensions left me partially bald

“Hair extensions left me partially bald”

hair extensions left me partially baldThinking of getting hair extensions? You might want to think again!

Holly Jane Harbottle, a 19-year-old student, has recently opened up about a devastating experience which left her partially bald. After being treated to £170 hair extensions by her mum, Harbottle started to lose her hair in clumps just a week after having them fitted.

Sadly, this isn’t the first case in which extensions have led to hair loss. So, why does it happen and can all extensions cause baldness?

Hair extensions and hair loss – what you need to know

Extensions have become a huge fashion trend, helping women to achieve thick, luscious locks instantly. There are different types of extensions available, and some are renowned for their link to hair loss.

In Harbottle’s case, the hair loss was caused by the glue used to insert and lock the extensions into place. However, it was also down to the stylist who inserted the extensions. Typically, hair extensions take hours to fit. However, Harbottle was in and out of the salon within just an hour.

So, why can hair extensions lead to hair loss? It’s down to the pressure they place upon the hair follicles. When placed too tightly, it strains the follicles, and the continuous pressure can lead to them becoming damaged and falling out.

This type of hair loss is known as traction alopecia and hairdressers are seeing a huge rise in the number of women going for advice after extensions have caused the hair to fall out.

Limiting the dangers

So, does this mean you should avoid extensions altogether? Well, that’s certainly the safest option. However, it is worth noting that not all extensions are bad for the scalp. When worn occasionally, they won’t necessarily lead to hair loss.

It’s possible to limit the dangers of something going wrong by firstly ensuring you are choosing an experienced stylist. They will know which extensions to avoid and the proper technique to insert and remove them. This significantly reduces the risk of something going wrong.

Overall, it is better to avoid using hair extensions, but if you absolutely insist on having them, be sure to only wear them occasionally and have them fitted by a qualified, experienced hairdresser.

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