Hair Care Tips For Hair Loss Sufferers

We all know that there are styling choices we make, some of us daily, that damage our hair. But as a hair loss sufferer what are the key facts around hair care. We look closer.

Hair Health

Keeping our hair in top condition is always a serious challenge. Busy lives and pollution would be examples of challenges that are outwith our control but which have a profound effect on the health of our hair. But there are choices we make, around the products we use and don’t use, or around the styles we select, that can aggravate a problem… or even be enough on their own to cause one. Heated styling tools are a primary cause of hair damage. For hair loss sufferers, even before the search for a hair loss solution that works begins, there are a few simple changes to routine that could make a significant difference to the quality of your hair.

Rules For Engagement

First on our list is the importance of using a heat protectant. There is a range on the market but you should be on the lookout for something containing silicone, which forms an effective barrier prior to any styling using heat.

When it comes to styling tools, flat irons and curling tongs or rods for example, there are some necessary steps to take to avoid damage. Your hair is made of hydrogen bonds and keratin proteins, both vulnerable to heat. Broken down they will change the condition towards dry and unmanageable.

Never ever us heated styling tools on wet or damp hair. Always dry the hair first, either with a blow dryer or by allowing it to dry naturally. Also, use the lowest heat setting appropriate for your hair, the thinner the lower.

Finally, we would point out that when it comes to styling tools, you get what you pay for. Do not skimp on quality when you are buying something that is going to be used frequently and will have implications for your appearance and for your hair health.

Hair Loss For Women

Heated styling tools are an essential part of the modern woman’s kit. We recognise that our modern work and social lives demand that we use them. But it is also important to recognise their potential for harm if used incorrectly, or without the heat protectant. Following these simple steps has the potential to make a palpable difference to your appearance in a short space of time.

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