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Hair Alone Doesn’t Make You Feminine

feminine hairFrom a young age, many of us are taught that long hair equates to feminine beauty. Yet in reality there is much more to being a woman and feeling desirable than the hair on our head. Fortunately many women are finally beginning to accept that only our hair is not what makes us feminine, in fact many have even publicly called out celebrities who have suggested otherwise.

What Is Feminity?

Everyone can have a different definition for femininity. For some, femininity can be about embracing your true self and feeling good about who you really are. Others consider femininity to be about having a strong, assertive and confident personality which allows you to be an attribute within society. A woman does not need to have thick, long hair to be seen as feminine or attractive.

The Effects Of Losing Your Hair

Hair loss in women can be caused by numerous reasons; often underlying medical conditions or harsh treatments such as chemotherapy can cause hair to fall out. Many women find that losing their hair is an incredibly devastating situation which not only affects their physical appearance but also their emotional and psychological wellbeing.

However by accepting how strong and beautiful they really are whether with hair or without, many women are able to overcome the situation and love themselves. Some have found that shaving their head was actually a blessing in disguise, in which they could accentuate on their sharp facial features or their eyes. Women are beginning to love themselves and feeling more confident in expressing themselves through their clothes, make-up and even through colourful wigs.

By embracing the way we look and truly are, we can improve our psychological health and become a beacon of attractiveness to everyone around us that we encounter.  If you are losing hair and are worried about it then you call always call one of our friendly team of experts to talk for free an in confidence on +44 (0)845 359 2915