Guide To Shampoo and Hair Loss

Most of us will have our preferred shampoo but are we doing our hair any favors with our choice. We take a closer look with our guide to best practice to caring for our hair and scalp when selecting a shampoo.



Some Native American tribes were known to use plant extracts as shampoo. The Costanoans in California still use the extract of woodfern for this purpose.

In Europe, the practice of shampooing was introduced to Britain by a visitor from Bengal in India, from where the word shampoo itself was adopted. Sake Mohamed and his Irish wife, Jane Daly, opened the “Indian Medicated Vapour Bath” offering to cure a range of diseases as well as providing full relief from the pain of arthritis and rheumatism.

The early days saw shavings of soap boiled in water containing herbs but by 1914 magazine adverts were beginning to appear for brands like Rexall and Harmony.

In 1927 the whole game was to be reinvented by Hans Schwarzkopf when he introduced his self-branded liquid shampoo to Berlin, and from there to the rest of Europe.

Modern shampoos were first seen in the 1930s when synthetic surfactants replaced soap as the principal ingredient.

Modern Shampoo

In the decades since the end of the second world war the development of shampoo has seen products aimed at specific issues, so we have fungicidal properties that are either chemical or made from herbal extracts. But there are dozens of potentially included ingredients all credited with their own benefits, be it enhancing color or reassuring that your baby’s eyes will not be irritated.

Hair Loss

Some of those ingredients are there purely to create a rich lather, on the grounds that the experience is luxurious. Unfortunately, those bubbles are overkill for the job. These detergents will strip away the oils that form a protective barrier on hair and scalp, damaging both as well as the cuticle beneath, that fine outermost layer of hair. Intact and healthy the cuticle gives hair a natural sheen as the light reflects… for onlookers that shine equates to healthy hair.

Hair Loss For Women

Stick to anything from the great range of gentle shampoos on the market to give your scalp and hair the best care. Shampoos developed for babies avoid a couple of the common surfactants and are typically PH balanced at 7.

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