How to get your confidence back after chemotherapy

Hair loss associated with chemotherapy is probably the most well-known side effect of the treatment. And while many people think they will be able to cope with the hair loss before they lose it, once it’s gone they feel quite differently.

For anyone, hair loss can be quite traumatic – even men experience a crisis of confidence once they start to go bald. But for women who have been used to wearing their hair in any style they like – long and loose, tied up, or even pixie-style – without realising it, their hair had become part of their personal identity.

Only once it’s falling out in handfuls do they realise how important it was.

Post-chemotherapy confidence building tips:

1. Consult a professional hair expert for tips on how to encourage your hair to grow in and look good. Or if you are still undergoing treatment and regrowth is a ways off, find out more about prosthetic wigs. There is also a huge range of hats and scarves to choose from.

2. Having cancer is a big deal. Surviving it is worthy of a party. DeShawn Bullard of NouriTress Hair Products recommends throwing a party and inviting all the people who shared the journey with you and supported you. Expect tears and laughter and memories.

3. As soon as you can, get fighting fit. The more fit and well you feel, the more able you will be to take on all the things that made you who you are – your job, your hobbies, your family, and your down time.

Confidence creates strength

Make rebuilding your confidence as important as rebuilding your health. By doing so, you reduce the total amount of time you spend in recovery, and increase the amount of time living life. Prioritise your personal appearance, your hair, or whatever you choose to replace your hair while it is growing in.

Get used to the way you look, find ways to make it work, so that you feel good about yourself. Simple acts like this will enable you to face the world and embrace it.

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