Front lace wigs: the dangers

Front lace wigs – the dangers

Front lace wigs: the dangersFront lace wigs have become increasingly popular hair loss and styling solutions recently, however what many people don’t know is that they can actually be damaging to existing hair. These wigs are designed with a translucent sheer lace base which extends beyond the hairline on the wig.

However it is virtually impossible to tell when someone is wearing the wig and some front lace wigs will have baby hair around the temple area to cover any visible lace, this also adds to the realistic effect of the wig.

How can front lace wigs damage existing hair?

These wigs can be worn for up to four weeks, but should always be installed by a professional. Some people choose to install the wig by themselves, but improper techniques can cause scarring on the skin and scalp, hair loss and follicular damage.

Installation requires strong adhesive glue on the wearers natural hairline, this glue contains strong and sometimes harmful ingredients required to hold the wig in place. Unfortunately some women find themselves having allergic reactions to the glue, sometimes even reactions to the wig itself if synthetic hairs are used instead of natural human hair.

Another factor which is damaging is that front lace wigs can place tension on the natural hairline; this can cause women to have premature receding hairlines and skin damage on the skin holding the glue.

Some front lace wigs can be custom made and do not require an adhesive for installation, these are highly recommended by experts for those who wish to use front lace wigs on a long term basis.

Other effective solutions for hair loss

Women do not have to turn to synthetic hair only for hair loss solutions, there are treatments available which can revive natural hair follicles and improve the thickness and volume of thinning hair. These methods are less damaging to the skin and existing hair follicles unlike the use of wigs.

Some solutions simply involve medications, supplements or topical ointments which can promote hair growth within a matter of weeks. For more information, why not book an appointment with a hair loss expert.

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