Four household items that could be causing your female hair loss

Female hair loss: four household items that could be causing it

Four household items that could be causing your female hair lossFemale hair loss can come in many forms, from alopecia areata to trichotillomania. Sometimes though, we can also be our own worst enemy, well for our hair at least. Choices we make every day can have a real impact on the health of our hair. You might not be surprised or you might even already be aware of the effects of heat or an over use of chemical colourants but you probably don’t realise the damage that the following seemingly innocuous objects can cause.

Top female hair loss culprits:

Your pillow

Believe it or not a cotton pillow could actually be drying out your hair, removing the sheen and those healthy oils. Silk is becoming increasingly popular because it doesn’t absorb moisture like cotton but also because the surface is smoother it can also help in stopping the hair becoming clumped and matted whilst you sleep.

Your hairbrush

Think about when you use your hairbrush. Don’t use it on towel dried damp hair thinking that’s the best time to brush. It’s not and can result in a lot of damage. The safest way to brush is in the shower, with conditioner on the hair and ideally using a wide toothed comb. After rising pat dry the hair rather than vigorously rubbing.

Your hair bands

This is quite an obvious one if you think about it. Tying your hair up in any way can cause damage if it’s simply too tight and is pulling on the roots. As a general rule, if it feels too tight then it probably is and likely to be doing some damage. Over time you may get some female hair loss.

Your handbag

This one may seem a bit left field but actually, handbag straps are the bane of long hair. Think of how many times you trap your hair between straps when you put the bag on to your shoulder and then how many times you put your bag on your shoulder every day.

Of course these aren’t the only causes of female hair loss but if you’ve eliminated all the obvious reasons then you never know. It could be an ordinary household object that’s doing the damage.

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