bulimic hair loss

Former bulimia sufferer offers tips on how to regrow your hair

bulimic hair lossBulimia is an eating disorder which can be characterised by periods of binge (excessive) over-eating, followed by the individual attempting to compensate with unhealthy methods such as over-exercising, forcefully vomiting or using laxatives. Associated symptoms with bulimia include poor skin condition, brittle nails, bad breath, yellowing teeth and hair loss. Most of the time, these symptoms are due to the body becoming anaemic which is an expected side effect of bulimia where the body’s iron levels drop.


Hair growth methods after bulimia

Hattie Gladwell suffered from bulimia for two years, which was causing her hair to thin, fall out in clumps and her scalp to become dry and incredibly sore. She found a selection of methods which worked for her and eventually allowed her hair to grow back thick and healthy;

  • Applying castor oil regularly, this oil is well known for its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, is high in vitamin-e, minerals, proteins, omega-6 and is beneficial for the growth of skin and hair. Moreover, castor oil contains antioxidants which support keratin in the hair and keep it strong, preventing breakage.
  • Applying coconut oil, coconut oil contains vitamins and fatty acids which can nourish the scalp and remove build-up of sebum. This oil can also moisturise and condition the hair and the scalp with the added benefit the hair smelling nice and feeling softer.
  • Shampoo less, or on alternate days to avoid unnecessary force on the hair roots and to enhance the benefits of the natural oils which form on the scalp.
  • Eating healthier, adapting a healthy diet rich in vitamins and protein have been shown to improve hair health and reduce hair loss. Increasing water intake is also recommended to flush out toxins and activating nerve endings which can enhance the natural vitality of hair roots.
  • Consuming vitamin supplements, vitamins tablets containing iron and zinc supplements can promote hair growth as deficiencies of these two micronutrients can weaken the protein structure of the hair, causing unwanted hair fall. Vitamin B, Biotin tablets contain iron and sometimes also coconut oil which are vital for hair growth.

Continuous hair loss

If you find that your hair loss is excessive and these tips don’t work for you, it is advised to see a doctor or hair loss expert so that the root cause of the hair fall is professionally diagnosed. Hair loss can be an associated symptom of a primary condition which needs diagnosing and treating.

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