Five bad habits that could be causing your hair loss

Hair styling, washing and colouring might be an essential part of your beauty regime but it can play havoc with your locks. Here are five of the worst habits that can cause hair loss and how you can remedy them.

Washing with hot water

As enjoyable and refreshing as it is to have a hot shower or bath, hot water dehydrates hair and can make it brittle. It is also responsible for stripping more of your scalps natural oils, leaving hair more exposed to breakage. When it comes to washing your hair, make sure you lower the temperature and use an even cooler temperature when it comes to rinsing your hair.

Changing your style

If you are prone to shorter hairs at the crown or nape of your head then it is likely you are using a damaging style, such as a tight ponytail or top knot. A simple solution is to be gentler with your hair when transitioning between styles. Use a leave-in conditioner or light oil to prevent any friction and if your hair feels tight in a particular style then use it as a warning!

Being too aggressive with hair styling

Whether you are combing out tangles, styling or drying your hair, being too aggressive is going to result in hair breakages. Remember if you want to have great hair then you will have to treat it gently. This means avoid aggressive brushing and hair drying, instead allowing your hair to dry naturally or take your time brushing your hair to avoid roughening it too much.


If you don’t condition your hair every time you wash it then it may lead to dry hair that is more vulnerable to breaking. Conditioning your hair provides a protective layer that mimics the cuticle’s F-layer. So make sure conditioning is a regular part of your hair care.

Washing hair before bed

A lot of us do it to save time, but washing your hair before bed can cause more damage than you might think. When hair is wet it becomes more fragile, making it more likely to break when change pillow positions. To help protect your hair at night, invest in a silk or satin pillowcase to minimise friction and protect wet hair with a treatment mask.

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