Ferne McCann

Ferne McCann And Hair Loss

Ferne McCannA former star from the reality show The Only Way Is Essex has opened up about her experience of post-partum hair loss. Ferne McCann who is only twenty seven years old recently gave birth back in November; however soon she felt that her hair was beginning to fall out. McCann shared her concerns on social media as her hair loss worsened and she decided to lighten her hair colour from brunette to blonde. As a result she is now taking hair vitamins and uses vitamin enhanced shampoos and conditioners in hopes that they will have a restorative effect.

Postpartum Hair Loss

Having a baby is an extremely stressful and traumatic event for every woman’s body. Hormones are responsible for many of the physical changes, including the increase in hair shedding after birth. The condition is perfectly normal yet temporary and affects a majority of women typically three months after birth. Most women find that they return to their regular hair cycle six months to one year after they have had their baby.

During pregnancy, women experience elevated levels in oestrogen which prolong the growing stage of the hair. This means that fewer hairs will be in the resting phase and less hair falls out, leading to thicker looking hair overall. However right after birth, levels of oestrogen dip and more hair will come out of the growing phase and re-enter the resting phase, which means that there will be an increased amount of hair fall during the postpartum period.  Think of it as the price to pay for the hair being so healthy during pregnancy.

Other Factors Which Can Cause Hair Loss

Of course hair loss is not just limited to hormones, there are multiple other factors which can affect the health of your hair and how well and strong it grows. McCann mentioned that she also lightened her hair colour which possiby involved some form of bleaching treatment. Bleach and hair dye on a frequent basis are both bad for your hair as your hair is unable to rebuild and protect itself unlike the skin.