female hair loss products

Female hair loss products that work

It’s deemed relatively normal to expect hair loss, to a certain degree. It’s something that everyone will experience during their lives, male or female. To see the odd strand or two trailing on the bathroom floor is not surprising and, on average, women tend to lose anything from between one to two hundred strands a day.

Women are susceptible to hair loss, or alopecia, as are men. There’s a large element of it that’s down to genetics and it’s common to notice it from between the ages of twenty to fifty. Yet it’s not the only reasons that you may suffer from hair loss. Should you experience sudden hair loss, you may need to visit your medical professional to establish the underlying causes. However, should it be just an unpleasant case of undue stress or a shock, there are certainly a variant of products that are available for you to test out.


Symptoms pertaining to hair loss can be similar for both males and females. However, treatment for alopecia may well vary. A topical medication that is widely recommended is the prescription drug, Minoxodil. A concetration of just 2% is the standard recommendation for women and it’s often effective – however, not always. Initially used as a hypertension drug, it was quickly discovered that excessive hair growth was a side affect. Administration of Minoxidil will show successful results in around 25% of women.

The Natural Options

Using natural or essential oils are another method that will be considerably effective in the event of hair loss. However, it’s crucial to note that it’s not necessarily going to offer you an overnight success rate. The key with this treatment is patience and perseverance. When administering the oils, us a small amount in the palm of your hand and gently massage for around three minutes into your scalp. Thereafter, leave for any length of time ranging from a minimum of half an hour right up to overnight. Gently shampoo and repeat in around three to four days. After around two to three months you’ll begin to notice the benefits.


Biotin is a wonderful way of promoting a healthier head of hair. A Vitamin B complex known as Vitamin H or B7, it can be found in various foods such as liver, peanuts and raw egg yolks. However, taking supplements of Biotin can certainly be beneficial to your hair and will also assist in the general wellbeing of your nails. It’s may be prudent to take advice from your medical professional or pharmacist before you begin on a course of treatment.

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