female hair loss: here's what you really need to know

Female hair loss: here’s what you really need to know

female hair loss: here's what you really need to knowFemale hair loss isn’t as common as it is for males but, even then a surprisingly large proportion of women are affected in some way by the problem. In the UK 20-25% of women have experienced some form of hair loss during their lives.

First of all, it’s perfectly normal to shed hair as part of the normal growth cycle and you should expect to lose up to 100 per day. There’s no point in becoming obsessed with counting the hair though as it can vary and you’ll always lose more when you shampoo it.

Anxiety and stress can trigger hair loss

If you are noticing heavier loss or there’s visible thinning or other signs such as bald patches then there may a problem. Sometimes hormonal changes can be responsible such as after giving birth or during the menopause or it could be linked to an underlying medical issue. Even anxiety and stress can trigger sometimes quite severe hair loss. Finally, it might just be caused by your genes as hair loss tends to run in families.

Although hair loss can be extremely distressing, the good news is that there are a number of treatments available. If you’re in the early stages then minoxidil might prove to be the best solution. The drug is clinically proven and works for up to 80% of women in reducing hair loss and sometimes reversing it. Often this will be combined with low level laser treatment which gently stimulates blood circulation on the scalp to encourage hair growth.

Female hair transplants are more complex but can be very successful

Although usually seen a male preserve it can be possible to have a hair transplant too. With men, the hair loss tends to be more targeted so it’s often easy to locate healthy hair to transplant from elsewhere on the head. With women the problem tends to be across the whole head so it’s not always possible to find a good donor patch but it can work very well with the right person.

Another option for women with thinning hair is scalp micropigmentation. Normally used to create a buzz cut look this procedure can also be used to help create the illusion of volume and reduce the glare of the scalp and the harsh tonal difference with remaining hair.

Whatever the reasons for your hair loss it’s best to talk to the experts and most reputable specialist hair loss clinics will be happy to advise you on all the procedures above and more. No two people’s experience of hair loss is the same so it’s vital to get the best advice, tailored to you.

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