Female Hair Loss FAQ: I’d like to try a natural approach to my hair loss. Is there anything that works?

If you’ve noticed hair loss then the first step should always be to seek advice from a female hair loss expert who can assess what is likely to be causing the problem. An isolated smooth bald patch is likely to be the autoimmune condition alopecia areata or if you’ve experienced a sudden, marked hair loss across the scalp as a whole, for example, then this could be an indication of telogen effluvium, particularly if you experienced a highly stressful event a few months prior.

Once the likely cause of your hair loss is diagnosed then your hair loss expert can give you advice on different treatment options, including the natural approach.

Are there any natural treatments for female pattern baldness?

If you are suffering from increased hair fall, gradual and diffuse thinning or a widening of your centre parting, it is likely that you are experiencing androgenetic alopecia, or female pattern baldness, and not an underlying medical condition.

Often the difficulty with natural hair loss remedies is that there is no clinical studies to prove whether they are effective or not. No proof does not necessarily mean that they don’t work, but we would be sceptical of any natural remedy that claims to be a ‘proven cure’ as unfortunately that’s just not the case. Many natural remedies can strengthen your existing hair but cannot actually regrow hair where the follicle has stopped producing hairs.

A natural remedy that could actually reverse hair loss

It’s claimed that the plant saw palmetto blocks the enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotesterone, the hormone responsible for attacking your hair follicles and causing female pattern baldness. Seeking medical advice before taking saw palmetto is a must as it is powerful enough to affect the effectiveness of HRT or birth control and it can cause noticeable side effects.

Although there are clinical studies to support the supposition that saw palmetto may block the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, the evidence that it can cause hair to regrow is not yet conclusive. One study showed positive results – ten men suffering from male pattern baldness were given an oral supplement of saw palmetto, twice daily for a few months, and six of them reported an improvement.

At Hair Loss for Women we take a holistic approach to hair loss and that can include combining the natural approach with the highly effective treatments we offer to produce optimal results.