Female hair loss and how to cure it

Female hair loss and how to cure it

Hair loss can have a psychological impact on anyone – male or female. It can be seriously difficult to cope with and positively distressing. However, for women, when losing their hair, or just a simple case of it thinning, it’s a much less common occurrence than the experience of hair loss in men.

There’s a whole host of the different types of hair loss that women can suffer from, varying from some thinning and shedding, right through to total hair loss. Additionally, it’s can happen at any given age and hair loss can happen at any given rate – from a gradual thinning right through to an alarming rate of “sudden”.

Hair loss can be caused by genetics however it is also a common side affect of extreme stress. Additionally, medical conditions and treatments can also have an affect on the process of thinning hair.

What Cures are Available for Female Hair Loss?

Other than learning to damn well live with it, an alternative and possible cure for female hair loss will be taking a course of the drug that is called Minoxidil. Only available via your medical practitioner, it was inititally used to treat hypertension. It was rapidly noticed that a side effect that was synonymous to the drug was excessive hair growth. This subsequently initiated further research. Owing to this research it was then discovered that Minoxidil, directly administered to the affected areas also stimulated substantial hair growth. It’s also available in generic versions of the drug, however, it’s advisable to begin treatment sooner rather than later when you notice abnormal hair loss.

Alternatively, some women may wish to look for a natural alternative to curing hair loss. There are an abundance of oils that are available which can be gently massaged into the scalp, such as coconut oil, jojoba oil and emu oil. Additionally, it may also be beneficial to look into supplements as your hair loss may be owing to a deficiancy in certain minerals or vitamins. Also, look out for any shampoo and hair products that are rich in Biotin and silica. They are both vital components in the maintenance of healthy hair and nails and will certainly be nothing but beneficial.

However, should you be experiencing a dramatic and noticable loss of hair, it’s advisable to make an appointment with your medical professional to discuss the possible causes and options.

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