Expert tips for dealing with thinning hair

Thinning hair isn’t just a thing that happens to men as they get older. Some people are just born with the genes for thick hair, or they’re born with the genes for fine hair. And this applies to men and women.

But sometimes, whether you are used to having thick hair, or it’s always been on the “fine” side, you might notice that you are losing more of it than you would like. Your hair is thinning. This can happen for all sorts of reasons – stress-induced alopecia, hormonal changes, other autoimmune disorders can all be held responsible.

It’s not the end of the world, though, and there are all sorts of tricks you can deploy to help your thinning hair continue to look great. Here are a few:

1. At all costs, avoid tangles

Brushing out your tangles will lead to even more hair loss, so do what you can to keep your hair under control before it turns into the proverbial rat’s nest!

a. Brush gently from the tips, working your way upwards. This places the minimum of stress on your hair, and deals with the knots without attacking the scalp.

b. Spot treat tough tangles with extra conditioner to help tease them out.

c. Never, ever brush wet hair!

2. Find a really good quality shampoo and conditioner brand

Use one that is specially formulated for thin, fine hair and won’t add undue weight to your hair and stress to your scalp, but will add volume to each strand, for the appearance of thicker hair.

3. Try dry shampoo

If you find that your scalp produces enough oil to condition all the hair in Europe, and that your hair starts to look greasy by the end of the day, try using dry shampoos. They come in a spritz or powder form, and will absorb the oiliness.

4. Avoid washing your hair daily

If you can get away with it, that is – washing just stimulates your scalp to produce more oil, so it’s kind of counter-productive!

5. Blow dry your hair upside down

This will encourage your roots to stand up, and give the appearance of volume. A quick blast of your preferred holding spray, mousse or even a beachy-feel salt spray will add texture and volume to keep it all together and looking good.

6. Don’t go too hot

If you love your hot tools – hair drier, straighteners, curlers, crimpers, whatever – resist the urge to use them on the hottest setting. Patience in the short term will help your hair to survive in the long term. Try using a thermal heat protector on your hair before using hot tools to help your hair to survive the daily styling and continue to look its best.

8. Try crimping thinning hair

You might try crimping the bottom layers of hair – the thickness underneath will make the top layers look more voluminous. Hair extensions on bottom layers will do the same thing, with a price tag!

9. Colour your hair to match your scalp

Doing this will conceal thinning areas so your hair will look thicker.

10. Have a scalp massage

A regular head massage will stimulate your hair follicles – it gets the blood flowing into the scalp where it can nourish the follicles and get them into the growing phase. Rogaine is a tried and tested topical steroid that will also get your follicles working again.

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