Katie Hopkins Hair Loss

Even Katie Hopkins felt vulnerable after hair loss

Katie Hopkins Hair LossKatie Hopkins has built up a reputation for being fearless and outspoken. However, after undergoing brain surgery, she’s admitted losing her hair has left her feeling vulnerable. It looks like Katie Hopkins hair loss experience has softened her…

Prior to the surgery, Hopkins didn’t think hair loss would bother her. It wasn’t until her husband set to work with the kitchen scissors that she realised just how important her hair was to her self-esteem.

Whilst her hair was cut off, rather than it falling out, it still highlights the plight of women who experience a significant drop in self-confidence after losing their hair.

Katie Hopkins hair loss forced her to cover up

Hopkins claims losing the majority of her hair has given her a better understanding of how women who have lost their hair through chemotherapy and alopecia must feel. She admits her situation is different as she chose to have her hair cut off after the surgery. She was left with a long scar across the scalp, from ear-to-ear, which made it difficult for her to wash her hair.

She now boasts a trendy pixie style haircut, but she admits she wore a bobble hat for most of the winter to cover up her new shorter locks.

Other celebs who have spoken out about hair loss

Of course, Hopkins isn’t the only celeb to speak out about how hair loss has affected them. Gail Porter is famously known for her long-term battle with alopecia.

The former model suffered a dramatic drop in self-esteem when she went completely bald in 2005. She’s admitted she often feels extremely ugly, though she has used her fame to spread awareness of the condition and help other sufferers.

Rosie O’Donnell has also recently spoken out about her female pattern baldness – a common problem that isn’t often talked about. Age-related hair loss is something that you largely associate with men, but it happens to a surprising number of women too.

Hopkins’ story does provide insight into how even the most confident of women can feel vulnerable after losing their locks. The good news is, there are many different types of treatments available these days.

If you’re worried about losing your hair, the first step is to contact a GP or dermatologist. They will be able to provide a proper diagnosis and suggest the best form of treatment going forward.

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