Eight new treatments for hair loss – but do they really work?

Eight new, fabulously packaged hair loss treatments have recently appeared on the market, proclaiming to solve all your hair loss problems, and make your hair look and feel amazing. But the question is – do they actually work?

What are these new hair loss treatments and how do they work?

Sure, if you are experiencing the early stages of hair loss, and you still have plenty to work with – just, not as much as you used to – a product that claims to plump up your hair, strand-by-strand, sounds very appealing.

Living Proof claims its Timeless Plumping Mousse will do just this, and Harklinniken’ Hair Extract is another hair thickener that is developed on an individualised basis to produce a unique formula that will work best on your hair and scalp. The Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Miracle Multiplying Volume Mist won’t just thicken each hair strand, it also strengthens the hair, allowing it to last longer. This volumising mist will also preserve your hair colour and add luxurious softness.

Other products are designed to add strength to weakened hair strands – as hair follicles deteriorate, strands become thinner and more breakable, but a spritzer that will protect compromised strands will ensure that hair is not lost through premature breakage. Bumble and Bumble’s Full Potential Hair Preserving Booster Spray gives the hair strands a protective layer to avoid breakage.

Other products address the problem of hair loss at the life-cycle stage. By ensuring that the growth phase of the hair follicle is extended, Viviscal promises reduced hair loss per day and hair that grows for longer with its Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir. The Strivectin Hair Densifying Foaming Treatment targets every phase of the hair follicle’s life cycle to encourage a longer life for each hair.

Like the Harklinniken which is adapted to suit your particular scalp’s balance of oils, the Hairmax Revitaliser for Density will also address what’s going on at a cellular level. Through exfoliation, it will remove the excess oils that your scalp is producing which can affect the growth of follicles and provide a deep cleanse for the follicles, thus enabling growth unhindered by oily blockages.

Worth a try…

Each of these new treatments brings something slightly different to the hair loss remedy party. From essential oils like peppermint and menthol to enhance the sensation of a deep cleanse (Hairmax and Bumble and Bumble) to the omega-3 fatty acids used in Alterna Caviar and Harklinniken and well known for their ability to nourish hair follicles and promote hair growth.

Vitamin B has long been identified for its ability to encourage hair growth and Strivectin uses niacinamide, a B3 vitamin found to be particularly effective. Amino acids are also important in nourishing high energy cells such as hair follicles, and Living Proof utilises these in order to nourish the scalp while the mousse thickens the hair.

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