Ectopic Preganancy Triggers Dramatic Hair Loss

The tragic story of Emma Holmes’s path to hair loss is a tough one. The impact on her life was profound and she showed tremendous courage to come through…


Hair Loss From A Burst Appendix?

At the age of 16, while still at school in Redcar, North Yorkshire, Emma Holmes suffered a burst appendix. This can be a catastrophic event with a multitude of potential outcomes, in Emma’s case there was damage to her reproductive organs which, the doctors told her, would prevent her being able to have children.

It came as a massive shock to discover, fifteen years later, that she had become pregnant. Sadly, the pregnancy was ectopic, with the egg fertilized outside the womb and she lost the baby, along with the fallopian tube that the egg had fertilized in.

Sudden Hair Loss

Shortly after that keyhole surgery to remove the fallopian tube, Emma recalls her Mum noticing that there was hair all over her shoulders and on her jumper. She said “I thought it seemed odd but didn’t think too much about it. Then I got into a bath and that’s when I realised something was terribly wrong. It was utterly terrifying. My hair was coming out in handfuls and I couldn’t stop it.”


The shock of losing all your hair that quickly is hard to comprehend. For Emma, an attractive schoolteacher with an outgoing and positive personality, it was a crushing experience. She stopped work, leaving home only for doctors appointments as she searched for a cure. The sheer complexity of hair growth and the extremely unusual circumstances of Emma’s case meant the answers never came. Doctors suggested it might be linked to changes in hormone levels following the loss of a fallopian tube, but this was no comfort for Emma, and definitely provided no direction in terms of improving her condition.

Moving On

Emma started out wearing a wig and getting her eyebrows tattooed. In a great example of clouds having silver linings, the tattoo was a disaster and left her in tears. It also resulted in her being motivated to learn the procedure herself and enrolled on a six-month course.

Today she is an experienced cosmetic tattooist who helps others cope with hair loss. She is also an attractive outgoing woman again, who does not wear a wig. She credits a fully organic diet and steroid scalp injections for the very fine hair that has begun to grow… it remains to be seen if this is just a ghost from the past or the start of a long slow recovery.

Hair Loss For Women

The unusually sudden onset of Emma’s hair loss clearly stopped her in her tracks, from a strong starting position. That she has come out the other side quite literally a new woman, or at least a stronger version of herself, is a testament to her strength. We commend her ability to have not just “found a positive,” but to essentially reinvent a completely new life based on that experience.

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