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Don’t Wig Out: Expert Tips on Lace Front Wigs

lace front wigThe lace front wig is becoming more and more popular with a generation of women who want to easily change their hairstyle, as well as the increasing number of women suffering from hair loss.

One stylist, Tyann Hodges 25, has started her own business (Allure and More) to take advantage of the trend. She offers a range of hair from Brazilian to Eurasian and offers braids, pixie cuts and even men’s lace fronts. Her business is thriving with a $400,000 turnover and over 50,000 customers in its first year so her advice in the field of lace front wigs is not be sniffed at.

Keep it natural and listen to the experts

Happy to share her experience with others she points to a number of tips to make sure that the lace front is worn well. First and foremost, she stresses that the lace frontal should always be properly tweezed so it generates a natural looking hairline, pointing to celebrities like NeNe Leakes who wear obviously fake lace fronts.

She also stresses the importance of leaving it to the professionals and not just having a go. Professional help is particularly important in applying adhesive as it can easily go very wrong. Another key factor when choosing a lace front is making sure that there’s a good skin tone match and that everything looks very natural, particularly the front hair line.

A wig is not a permanent solution

Finally, Tyann reminds her customers to maintain their natural hair underneath and remember that the lace front is purely a temporary cosmetic enhancement and won’t last a lifetime – so not a long-term hair loss solution.

The lace front is a great way to upgrade your style immediately but don’t just expect to use it straight out of the packet. If you want to make the right kind of impact, then it’s probably best to talk to the professionals.

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