Don't let your new year diet ruin your health - or your hair!

Don’t let your New Year diet ruin your health – or your hair

Don't let your new year diet ruin your health - or your hair!New Year means resolutions and for many people these involve losing weight, but did you know that some types of dieting can cause hair loss? It is worth knowing a few facts …

When people are prone to losing weight quickly and piling it back on just as fast, this is known as yo-yo dieting, and it can have negative consequences on your overall health due to the extreme nature of how it is usually carried out.

Dieting and hair loss

Some of these complications include health issues such as osteoporosis, heart problems, hormone imbalance and more cosmetic side effects such as loose skin, stretchmarks and hair loss.

These side effects depend on how quickly the weight is lost and through what method, general health and a person’s age or gender.

A healthy, balanced diet is essential for strong hair growth, among many other things. Hair thrives on good nutrition to build it up.

At any one time, a whopping 90% of our hair is in the growth phase and the remaining 10% is resting and ready to shed. When calories are restricted or you lack certain food types in your diet, more hair moves from the growth to the resting phase and some can start to fall out.

If the hair gets less nutrients to sustain it and help it grow strong, it suffers. This can result in diffuse thinning or even bald patches.

And gaining weight can be just as bad

It is well known that when men and women crash diet and lose considerable weight quickly, they can put it back just as quickly. The more rapid the weight gain, the more disruptive it is to the body overall. The gain disrupts normal hormone levels and stresses the follicles. Hormonal changes are another leading cause of hair loss – thinning or balding.

If we are what we eat, we need a healthy, balanced diet and everything in moderation. Of course, there are plenty of great ways to camouflage hair loss but the best way to prevent it in the first place or to reduce the risk of it happening to you is to be sensible with your body – meaning what you put in to fuel it!

If you don’t and you risk everything to get into those super skinny jeans too quickly, you could end up with more issues than you bargained for!

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